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5 UK artist you should get to know

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Instagram is an interesting place, scroll pass the mass array of selfies, memes and whatever else is on your feed. You’ll find some of the coolest and creative pieces of art, from traditional to more digital contemporary art. The list below is just a fragment of what is out there; consider this a taster of the different styles and talents across the UK.

1. Funny Tummy

In 2011 he teamed up with rapper Tinie Tempah to provide the cover art for Tinie’s fourth mixtape ‘Happy Birthday’. A firm supporter of the Grime scene, Funny Tummy has collaborated with the likes of G Frsh, Angel and Ed Sheeran. His art work can be described as mostly vibrant, featuring bright colours and various brush strokes and drip-effects to emphasis the characters he paints. Currently managed by Renowned Films, home to other acts such as Wretch 32, George the Poet and others, Funny Tummy is looking to go into designing and creating furniture as well. Check out his website here: http://www.funnytummyart.com/

 2. Olivia Odiwe

Another artist influenced heavily by music and pop culture, Olivia Odiwe’s art work features many images of Hip Hop musicians. Her work is known for layering and merging two faces together, a piece you have probably seen is ‘JAYKAY’ featuring Jay Z and Kanye West. From drawing on clothes and bedroom walls as a child, to having exhibitions in America, Olivia incorporates felt tips, acrylic paint, and Photoshop. She also goes by the name of Illestration, which she explained to The ILS magazine as “taking the ‘ILLEST’ from Hip Hop and ‘Illustration’ from art”. Check out her website here: http://www.oliviaodiweillustration.co.uk/

3. Andrew Salgado

Andrew Salgado is originally from Canada and has held exhibitions all over the globe, including Thailand, Korea, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, Germany, and the USA. His large scale paintings typically feature the faces of men with strong, stern or worried facial expressions. His art work has a mixture of dark and light colours, sometimes considered a representation of the emotions of hope and pain. Themes in his work include sexuality, identity, recuperation and masculinity. Check out his website at: http://www.andrewsalgado.com/


4. Mister Westrup

Oliver Westrup or more commonly known in the art world as Mister Westrup, is an artist and designer. He creates digital art, using graphic and computer programs such as illustrator or Photoshop. His art work includes images of hip hop, grime and women. In an interview with Lynn News, he explained the place of digital in the art community, “It’s a relatively new technique and is frowned upon by more traditional artists because it’s something that can be reproduced on a large scale whereas many other artists tend to think of the original as the most valuable copy”. Checkout his work album here: http://www.misterwestrup.com/


Originally a street artist going by the name of ‘MRE’ meaning Mystery, MREGFX is a graphic artist from Birmingham. His style includes shapes to within faces, whilst using fewer colours and usually plain coloured backgrounds. He was also influenced by a number of graffiti artist including Banksy, Shepard Fairey and others. Interestingly some of his art work includes motion, such as dripping effects or smoke or fire moving around the faces he created. Check out his website here: http://mregfx.co.uk/

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