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Intern in the Sun

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I live, I eat, I breath Public Relations. Currently in my second year at the London College of Communication, I have come to enjoy and love the discipline I had chosen to study.

Besides University and being the mother of two daughters, I have a passion and love for the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. My grandparents where born in Jamaica and I have known it to be my second home from the age of two.

Jamaica is the island where the sun shines mostly all year round, degrees reaching 30 to 40°C are not a surprise here. The sea is tranquil blue and the music is heard from every car, shop and home. The birth place of the legendary Bob Marley and the athlete Usian Bolt. The national dish, Ackee and Salfish will have your mouth watering, not to mention the fresh fish that is fried at the beach where it has just been caught.

Image by monosnaps

Image by monosnaps

So when I was lucky enough to be offered a placement on this beautiful island I jumped at the chance. This is now my home for the next three months, the weather is good, the people are greater and I get to do what I love in a place I love… if it was all that simple.

When I was offered the internship with a charity called International Care and Assessment Services (ICAS) I was ecstatic, after sending my CV to over a hundred PR agencies in London to no prevail, I started to give up hope of finding a placement. The consultancies in London had no sense of diversity and I felt that working in one would stunt my growth. I wanted to work with an agency or company who invested in their young people and gave them a chance. I was lucky enough to have established a range of industry links in Jamaica and quickly decided that was where I would target.

After sending a few emails, speaking to family members and my Caribbean contacts, I was given the opportunity to intern with ICAS. I jumped at the chance and set about planning my trip to Jamaica. ICAS made it clear that they wanted me to be totally independent and wanted me to use my creativity as I felt fit. I was given a title of Communications Manager and I am delighted.
So here I am on my internship, I have been doing a range of things for the charity, at the time of writing this article I am in the process of developing their fourth newsletter. I have met so many influential people whilst working with ICAS and have been able to put into practice, the skills I have learnt at university.

PR in Jamaica is totally different as much of the practices here are ad hoc. UntitledThe attitude here is very laid back and the theories are nonexistent. However the experience makes me feel optimistic, because I have influenced their public relations strategy at a time when they are rebranding and restructuring.
I am also working on the companies social media pages, however as the Wi-Fi is very slow, I often update weekly, where as in the UK it would be updated daily. I will miss the island when I return, but for now I’m just taking it all in before the sun goes down.

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