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Little Simz collaborates with art students for ‘Visualised’

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With the recent announcement of her debut album ‘A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons’ set to be released on the 18th of September, North London rapper Little Simz teams up with 10 artists from the University of the Arts London, to create an interesting visual and musical experience.

Hosted at Red Bull Studios, each piece of art work is an interpretation of a song from Little Simz’s upcoming album. The exhibition features headphones which play samples of the songs, the art work ranges from paintings to films. For those unable to attend, here are some of the art pieces on display.

1. Sharina Shahrin [This is not an Outro]

Artist: Sharine Messin |Track 9: ‘This is not an Outro’
“Centralizing around the theme of “space and time.” I was inspired by the ominous sound of the audio to create a dark, abstract city space that captured the sense of movement and juxtaposition between the delicate and raw qualities of the track.”

2. Ami Waring [Wings]

 Artist: Ami Waring | Track 2: ‘Wings’
“The embroidered work is accompanied by a series of mounted close-up working photographs of the embroidery, focusing on key elements to both the song and artwork.”

3. Pamm Hong [God Bless Mary]

Artist: Pamm Hong | Track 6: ‘God Bless Mary’
“Living LP is inspired by the strength of Little Simz in character and performances,the Living LP is a projection-mapped artwork that translates the ethos of growth and transformation using plants, patterns and lines. Ink, paint and foam filmed with a macroscopic lens form the visual passage in which Little Simz recites lyrical homage to her forbearing neighbour “Mary”. The effects in colour, shape and pattern morph together in rhythm, as if staring into a rabbit hole. Living LP is a transformative piece exhibiting the portraiture off growth, celebrating sonic visual love.”Find more of Pamm Hong’s work at www.frompamm.net

Artist: McKay Felt | Track 1: ‘Persons’
“I wanted to illustrate the confidence and empowering message in “Persons” by creating Little Simz to be larger than life figure, taking the world in her hands and proclaiming her worth as an artist and individual.” Find more of McKay Felt’s work at mckayfelt.tumblr.com

Artist: Molly Knot | Track 4: ‘Tainted’
“This piece is inspired by the reality of a talented girl who has lost herself in the realm of good and evil, spoilt by the materialism of the music industry.”  Find more of Molly Knot’s work at www.pikore.com/mollythaillustrator

6. Frederikke Houman [Lights]

Artist: Frederikke Houman | Track 3: ‘The Lights’
“For this piece I used recycled images to juxtapose the reality of life in the fast lane.” Find more of Frederikke Houman’s work at cargocollective.com/fredsdead

7. Holly Jade Farmer [Dead Body]

Artist: Holly Jade Farmer | Track 7: ‘Dead Body’
“This painting was inspired by the idea of being watched, but not being paid any attention to. I tried to combine my love for graphic colour and clashing pattern with hallucinogenic imagery.” Find more of Holly Jade Farmer’s work at instagram.com/holly.f

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