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Mimi Memoirs by Ella December

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Recently nominated for a BEFFTA award for Best Author and nominated for the Female Writer of the year by Amor Lifestyle Awards. Mimi Memoirs is the latest release from the young author Ella December.

Originally written in 2013 as a short story series, the five part short story series helped Ella gain her loyal and growing fan base. mimi memoirs book coverIn Mimi Memoirs Ella turns the short story series into a gripping and humorous account of womanhood and love. Mimi Memoirs follows the life of 24 year-old British-Nigerian Mimi. The titular character has finished university and has gotten her first proper job. Mimi just needs to do one more thing to make her friends and family happy – get married. Mimi falls in love with Trent Thompson who is not only avoiding commitment but has more baggage than Mimi thinks she can handle.

Mimi Memoirs has already received praise, “Book by book we can see December’s writing improve greatly and it is always lovely to watch someone get better and better as they perfect their craft”. If you’re still not convinced to get the book, read the first few chapters of the book here

To buy a hard copy of Mimi Memoirs click here 
To buy the eBook of  Mimi Memoirs click here

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