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4 Apps every music lover should have

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With technology constantly developing, its impact on music tends to bring about innovative and fresh concepts. Besides a decline in physical album sales, streaming services, apps and other music platforms are shaping the direction of both the music industry and the way fans connect with music. In the past decade, some of the most creative ideas have come out of London. Many start-ups have managed to find a gap in the music market and create their own community. For music lovers of all ages, these are four apps you definitely cannot live without.


Created by three Cambridge students in 2007, Songkick was one of the first start-ups to come out of the ‘Silicon Roundabout’. What makes Songkick so great is that it tracks your favourite artists and alerts you when they are performing near you. TIME magazine listed it as one of the ‘50 Best Android Apps for 2013’. The app is simple to use and can track artist by connecting your Facebook, Spotify and last.fm accounts. 

1. Songkick


Have you ever heard a song you really liked, but couldn’t find it anywhere? If so Shazam is for you. It works by recognising music played and telling the user what the song is. Most recently Shazam introduced a new visual recognition function, where posters, packages and printed media which contain the Shazam logo, can be transformed into special offers and interactive content. Before apps were even invented Shazam was going by the name ‘2580’ and alerted users through text message.

2. Shazam


Jukely is available for iPhone users and allows you to access shows, every month from rock, electronica, hip hop and more. Jukely has been operating since 2011 and is based in New York City but shows performances in Europe and America. It works by downloading the app and paying a monthly price of £25, which provides the user access to hundreds of shows.



Launching in September 2014, DICE is a live music discovery platform, which allows you to buy tickets for gigs, club nights, and festivals, without booking fees or having to print tickets. BuzzFeed described DICE as “a must. Covering all the best music events, big and small, with no fees and an easy booking process to boot”. DICE may be only one year in, but as they state on their website “We’re young, but we’re dangerous, with nothing to lose. Join us on our journey.”


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