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5 things we need from Drake’s ‘Views From the Six’

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2016 is here and most of us are itching for this new Drizzy album. The two projects he released last year were good but they didn’t have that level of diversity and cohesiveness usually seen in Drake’s previous solo albums. Whilst celebrating at the E11EVEN nightclub in Miami for New Years, Drake announced that ‘Views From the 6’ is “coming very soon”. Here are a few things we would like to see from ‘Views’.

1. Insight into Canadian culture
In recent years the popularity of Canada has shot up, besides people like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Winnie Harlow carrying the torch, Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau charismatic personality and forward thinking stance towards politics helps paint Canada as a great place to be. A lot of Drake’s material reminisces on the awe he once had for US rappers, the typical outsider perspective we’ve grown to love. But it’ll be interesting to find out more about Canada’s influence and the actual meaning behind the number 6.

2. Collaboration with Aaliyah (and possibly Timbaland and Missy Elliot)
In 2012 Drake announced a collaboration album with the late singer. This album never saw the light of the day due to a backlash from fans and Aaliyah’s main producer Timbaland. With that being said there’s probably a bunch of bangers in 40s hard drive that the world needs to hear. If Drake could get Timbaland and Missy Elliot on a few songs the outcome could be amazing.

Artwork by Dave Valeza ‏

Artwork by Dave Valeza ‏

3. Collaboration with Adele
Both artists have openly admitted their keenness to work with each other, but their music is so different. Adele’s signature sound has a slow and melancholy vibe whilst Drake’s music has been very up tempo and even tropical at times. So mixing their different styles together will be very interesting, if done right it could be a big hit for 2016.

4. Street anthems and pop smash hits
This goes without saying for an artist like Drake. On ‘Nothing Was the Same’ he produced some of the biggest hits of the year with ‘Started from the Bottom’ and ‘‎Hold On, We’re Going Home’ two very different sounding songs but both sold over millions and dominated the Billboard Charts. With his forthcoming album it’ll be interesting to see what direction Drizzy takes, his most recent projects ‘IYRTITL’ and ‘WATBA’ have a darker and street orientated feel, so ‘Views’ will definitely benefit with an equal balance of street anthems and pop hits.

5.   Feature with a upper echelon rapper

Besides the collaboration album with Future Drake’s latest albums haven’t featured too many rappers. That’s due to Drake and 40 having a winning formula that doesn’t really need anything else. But as a Hip Hop fan it’ll be great to hear him trading verses with a rap legend or a legend in the making. In August Timbaland sparked the idea of a joint album between Drake, Cole and Kendrick. Now we know there are zero chances of this happening with Kendrick but a song with Cole can’t be out of the question.


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