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Music Monday: Banditsu – Katana

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‘Katana’ feels like a movie rather than a music video, its opening sequence resembles a scene out of ‘Kill Bill’ as Samurai Banditsu discovers the dead body of his friend and the process of requital begins. Produced by Toronto beat maker Ekho the song has a heavy bass, heard typically in Trap music but the choppy fast paced keys have more of a Grime feel. This mixture fits Banditsu’s style as he raps “GRM Daily don’t wanna add me to their new generation, that’s okay one day let’s talk Bandi’s generation”. Ella Violetta’s visuals provide a cinematic element to the song, you may not be a fan of Grime or Trap but the visuals will make you want to see it all the way through.

Website: www.banditsu.com

Twitter: @Banditsu_Music

Instagram: @Banditsu

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