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Music Monday: Nave

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As most people distance themselves from the Cosby brand, Philadelphia rapper Nave uses the hype of the moment to create an insightful and thought provoking music video. ‘Cosby Kids’ featuring artist Alyea Pierce captures the nostalgic essence of The Cosby Show, whilst contrasting this with the recent controversy surrounding Bill Cosby. Alyea Pierce explores childhood love with lyrics like “I spoke you a nursery rhyme I picked pecks on poetry personifying you as the lungs of my land” whilst Nave reminisces on the happiness The Cosby show once filled him with.

This song is off Nave’s upcoming album ‘Espresso’ set to be released soon.

Website: Nave (www.saynave.com) Alyea Pierce (alyeapierce1.bandcamp.com)

Twitter: Nave (@saynave) Alyea Pierce (@AlyeaSpeaks)

Instagram: Nave (@saynave) Alyea Pierce (@alyeaspeaks)


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