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Review: Latir – Adolescence

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The first project by singer Latir comes in the form of ‘Adolescence’, a six song EP delving into the memories and emotions, the singer experienced during the ages of 17 to 22. Produced entirely by in house producer DA, the EP is a portrait of youth exploring love, fun, invincibility and optimism.

There’s a very young and romantic energy in ‘The Rush’ it’s the sound of first love and vulnerability. The production is Ben Howard-esque with a mellow and summery guitar, perfect for Latir and Niamh to showcase their chemistry. This is definitely one of the strongest songs, it’s slow song but it’s content represents how fast young love can manifest.

‘Juvenile Youth’ creates a level of mystique about Latir which is aided by the dreamy and soothing production. With lyrics like “last night we planned to take over the world”, Latir’s approach focuses on the emotions rather than intricate details creating an impersonal but relatable picture of adolescence.

This EP manages to capture the brighter sides of adolescence and the moments of complete happiness or ‘Euphoria’ as Latir puts it. ‘Golden Gate’ has a similar feel but here he questions how strong the bond is with his lover. The best part of this song comes towards the end where the production becomes stripped with only a snare and hi hats, possibly representing his open-heart and vulnerability.

The last song ‘Summertime’ sounds like a hot summer morning waking up and “wondering the streets”. It’s simple but effective and allows the EP to end in a similar way it started – on a high. On ‘Adolescence’ Latir manages to draw on the happy emotions felt during our carefree younger days. It’ll be interesting to see where Latir goes from here and find out more about the singer. With the help of DA the EP has a diverse sound but doesn’t stray away from the central theme which is “juvenile forever”.

Download Adolescence herelatirmusic.bandcamp.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/latirmusic

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