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Review: Patch – The Pirate Ep Vol. 1

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In their quest for gold, pirates are often considered ruthless and aggressive focused on pursuing monetary gain, through any means necessary. Patch’s ‘The Pirate EP Vol. 1’ provides a new twist on this idea, with his oxymoronic lifestyle, Patch’s voyage through London city, is a journey about the good, bad and the intoxicated.

Produced entirely by DA, the EP features six songs with one guest appearance from Haych The Great. ‘The Pirate Ep Vol. 1’ is an introduction to North London rapper Patch; exploring his troubled and challenging past, cynicism towards the current societal structure and his hopes for a better future.
‘No Auditions’ is the first song, an aggressive self-assertion of embracing ones identity without comprising for others. The production is hard hitting and bouncy, allowing Patch to run a riot on the track, with lyrics like “I probably had your one, she probably came home late last night/but if she was with me then she came early, because I’m real polite.” This song is a representation of the overall mood of the EP, as the song progresses, sonically and lyrically it begins to sober up into a soft, reflective and retrospective tone, revealing Patch is not your average gold obsessed pirate, the treasures he seeks to find are within.

One of the best songs is ‘Crack The Bottle’ where Patch raps about his infatuation with drinking, encounters with women and carrying his drunken philosophy overseas. The heavy bass and distorted like chanting in the production, create a dark and menacing energy, which mirrors the carefree, confident and unbothered Patch, shown in lyrics like “You can’t erase the life you live, so live it well/ they told me do this, try that, be that ‘m not falling for your spell/ I’m a pirate can’t you tell/ Captain Morgan in my sails.”

The EP is a balance of two extremes; one which showcases a confident, aggressive and unconcerned mentality, symbolising the impacts of intoxication, the other half features a sober more thoughtful and contemplative Patch.

This later attitude is seen on songs like ‘I Do’ and ‘The National’, with the prior being a definite crowd pleaser, due to its catchy and infectious chorus. In ‘I Do’, Patch raps about going into overdraft, a dissatisfaction towards the government, the struggles his parents face and the uncertainty of his path as a rapper. On ‘The National’ Haych The Great provides a deep and effortless R&B hook whilst Patch’s vigorous flow stands out against the hypnotic production, rapping “I want to spoil my girl in all types of ways, don’t want to be looking for deals on Groupon.”
‘Drunken Philosophy is the theme song to The Pirate Ep Vol. 1, the production sounds like an old retro video game with a massive drilling bass, the content has a similar feel to ‘Crack The Bottle’ but even more bizarre. Saving the best until last ‘Tryna Cross The Border’, is a beautifully crafted song, featuring resonating strings, which provide the perfect backdrop for an introspective and emotionally driven Patch to narrate and reflect on his journey, touching on his friends self-harm issues.
The Pirate Ep Vol. 1 is a well-rounded project, featuring musical and thematic extremes, but ultimately it is an encouragement to embrace contradictions whilst staying consistent to one’s core values. It is a journey through the highs and lows which have shaped the rapper. For those wanting to hear hard hitting flows, wild but also contemplative lyrics, The Pirate Ep Vol. 1 is for you.

You can download it here: https://patchandonly.bandcamp.com/releases

Twitter: https://twitter.com/patchandonly

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patchandonly?ref=ts&fref=ts

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