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The importance of individuality in fashion

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We’ve all heard of so-called “fashion do’s and don’ts” vigorously promoted through fashion magazines. But have you ever wondered who made these rules and why we should be confined by them?

Over the years people are often mocked because of particular fashion choices they make, that at other times are quite popular. For example, people say wearing socks with sandals is a fashion “no-no”; yet pairing socks with stiletto shoes has become the norm on the runways. We are often encouraged to be unique and to be “ourselves”, yet bombarded with criticism when we don’t dress in the manner that others would consider “fashionable” or “trendy”.

Individuality is very important because it makes people who they are. Fashion can sometimes help to express people’s true personality and character. People should be comfortable and be able to feel free when showing their individuality in their choice of clothing, because with individuality comes a sense of independence. People shouldn’t be denied their right to be different. It’d be a very dull, boring and drab world if there were only one type of fashion style. It’s like saying everybody has the same personality and that we’re all the same.

It’s important to have individuality in fashion as it gives inspiration to women of all ages struggling to find the style that works for them. Lane Bryant launched a campaign for their lingerie line, Cacique, featuring plus-sized models to show us that we don’t have to be skinny or be Victoria’s Secret models to look good in lingerie or even to look good and be happy with our bodies in general. In the press release, CEO and president, Linda Heasley stated: “Our ‘#ImNoAngel’ campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself.” Juxtaposed against original Victoria’s Secret campaign “The Perfect Body” featuring super skinny models, Bryant’s campaign inspires us to be different.

Lane Bryant's ad campaign ad for Cacique #IAmNoAngel 2

Showing your personality through your choice of clothing can also attract people to you; people release a certain kind of aura about them making them approachable. I’m not saying you have to show some flesh to get attention – sometimes less is more. After all, clothing was created to cover our nakedness, to protect against the harsh weather conditions and a way for us to keep our dignity. Now, it’s used for the socialising aspect of our lives – people use clothing as a conversation starter, “Oh, love your top, where did you get it? I saw something like that in Zara, I love it”.

Fashion should be fun, something we choose to do not just because everybody else is wearing certain clothes. Everybody has a distinct feature about them, enhancing one’s best features and assets helps to pull off certain looks. There’s nothing wrong with being bold and experimenting with various looks, sometimes no matter how ridiculous you think it looks, you might just be the person to pull it off; Lady Gaga anyone?

Now this pop icon is a force to be reckoned with not just with her talent as a singer but also her incredible sense of fashion, from her meat dresses to her 8inch platform heels. Lady Gaga is one woman you can relate to if you want to see someone who shows their individuality through their fashion choices.

adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 - Runway

Image by futureclaw 3

With Kanye West releasing his fashion line for Adidas, it makes one realise that individuality within fashion really is important. Yes, there’re always going to be haters but seeing his odd and unique fashion line makes one realise there’s hope for people who want to be themselves in the world of fashion.

Oliver James once said, “Why are we trying so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out”. With Kanye West’s new fashion line, I can’t say I am 100% fond of it, but what I will say is I don’t mind the outfit Kim Kardashian wore on the release day from Kanye’s new line, it actually looked pretty awesome. It’s different, it’s definitely not something you would see on an everyday basis but it’s very wearable.

The MTV movie awards in April, showcased array of amazing outfits and some rather surprising ones that only some people could get away with. Outfits like Bai Ling’s dragon fashion choice, some may say it’s a fashion don’t and I might agree it was a rather risky outfit to wear, but as long as she was comfortable wearing it then why not. Another supposed fashion don’t was Hailee Stienfield’s outfit but I have to say I liked it, I thought it was quite different and she totally rocked the look.

So to end on a powerful and important quote, said by poet Ralph Waldo Emerson “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”

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