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Interview: Alina Zamanova, Fashion Illustrator

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Growing up in Ukraine until 2010, Alina Zamanova, a BA illustrator from London College of Fashion has been interested in drawing since she was a young girl. Interning at Alexander McQueen has been her dream since she was fourteen years old and her dream finally came true in 2013, when she began work there as a print intern. She describes her experience at Alexander McQueen as “magical”.

Her road to success began with her first ever Fashion Illustration that was created when she was making her portfolio for an interview with University of the Arts London. Becoming an illustrator was not always her ambition, even though she has always loved to draw different things, especially portraits, fashion illustrations and prints. It was only when she was doing her foundation degree that she decided to become an illustrator.

Alina has come a long way in her art because when she first started out she was mostly drawing illustrations and portraits with still life compositions, but now the style of her work is detailed perfectionism with elements of chaos and freestyle details. She mostly works with pencil and ink, but sometimes prefers to use acrylic and watercolours.

Alina has experienced difficulties in her work, as she said “The most challenging one I think is acrylic paint, when you are trying to catch all the colours and smooth movements in painting, which is quite hard with acrylic paint because it dries very quick.”

Artists need to be inspired in order to create artwork, as E.B White once said “always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” Alina stated: “The inspiration comes to me from different angles of course. As an artist I have to always be open minded to new things around me. I really like watching people work on their artworks, or designers making their collections. It gives me a special inspiration and pushing me to keep going with my own work. I never stop on one source of inspiration, as I always browse and research new ways of seeing fashion and art.”

Alina loves her work all equally and does not have a favourite, as she said “Everything you are working on is already something big that you have achieved and always gives you new knowledge and pushes you to work forward and improve your skills.” However, her most special work is the painting that she made for her mother.

Alina Zamanova is currently working at Alexander McQueen and is in her third term at university. She said: “In the future I am hoping to create my debut capsule collection where I will share my visions with illustrations and print incorporating them in garments, which might hopefully happen next year. She also said that “people who are working in the same field, I would suggest never stop drawing, and never give up when something does not work out. Be inspired, and open-minded.”

Check out Alina’s website for more examples of her work.

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