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Interview: Eric Jifan Park

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What degree have you studied?

London College of Fashion BA(hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear

What first inspired you to study this degree at LCF?

I always had my style that nobody else has. I was wearing futuristic and minimal clothing since I was 17 or 18. At that time, it was very hard to find clothing with futuristic designs. So I decided to make them myself. I had two universities in my mind, Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. But I eventually chose LCF over CSM because I heard the size of LCF Menswear course is smaller than CSM which I thought I can have more attention and help that I need.

Why did you choose men’s fashion over women’s?

I wasn’t interested in womenswear at all at first. But now, it’s a different story, I am thinking of launching womenswear label as well once I get successful in menswear first.

Can you describe your menswear collection?

First, they are dark. Not only the colour board of my collection, but also the entire mood of the collection. Second, they are minimal. For some people, it might look like my collection is O-Ded (overly-designed). But each pieces are minimal and can be styled in many different ways. Third, they are futuristic. All the lines and shapes in the designs are not designed in simple manner. In fact, they are very complicated and designed ergonomically. Front design of one garment is connected to side and back designs. It is not only designed perfectly on the front and roughly on the back. They are perfectly connected from all the angles. The details of my designs are inspired from 1700s and 1800s European menswear. I reinterpreted the ancient details and used them in futuristic manner. Finally, they are functional. Some of the jackets can be transformed into several different ways using zips. Transforming clothing may look tacky since they are often considered as useless function but the transforming function I applied on the garments is useful and innovating.

Do you plan to launch your own fashion brand?

Yes I am. That is my goal. But it might be quicker than I thought because there are few buyers from different countries who wish to sell my designs in their shops.

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

On the backstage of my own runway.

In the long run where do you want to be/ what do you want to be doing?

I want to be a fashion designer who never compromise with the cruel reality of fashion world. I won’t kill my design to sell more. It was very sad to see my favorite designers becoming less creative. I will be a designer who evolves every season.

What inspires you?

Architecture is what inspires me the most. My designs have strong connection with architecture. Buildings give me plenty of design ideas. If I see an inspirational architecture on the street, I imagine distorting the building and reconstructing them into garments. I try to be an architect for human body.

Have you been on any internships?

I was an intern at Stylesight, a trend broadcasting company. I had two choices at that time. Doing internship at a fashion label, or working for Stylesight. Either of them were beneficial for me with different reasons but I chose to do internship at Stylesight which most of the world-class fashion labels are subscribing with payments. I had a chance to research wide range of clothing for two month, which helped my final major project enormously.

Have there been any difficulties in the fashion world that you did not think of before you started and what were they?

I did not know a garment is so hard and complicated to make because before I got into London College of Fashion, I had no idea how a garment is made. It took me long time to learn how to create a design from my head to reality. There must be so many obstacles and difficulties in the real fashion world that I haven’t face yet. But I will eventually learn and get through them.


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Jasmine Perkins is Journalism student at UAL. She has held an interest in fashion from an early age, since discovering Yves Saint Laurent’s powerful images of androgynous models wearing elegant suits. She was left captivated by the way in which he tailored a suit, generally seen as a symbol of power and masculinity, onto the graceful female form without compromising the power it symbolises. She believes that fashion is an art form that has the freedom to express, encapsulate and transform its audience to a world where the barriers of society are constantly pushed.

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