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Interview: Lauren Doran

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Talent has no age limit and 21 year old Lauren Doran is living proof. Graduating with a First Class Honours in Journalism and Visual Media from Griffith College Dublin, Lauren is ready to indulge and explore her artistic creativity, contrary to her degree, with hopes of turning her love for art in to a job for life. Illustrator, artist and innovative creator of a unique style, Lauren is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


CB:Lauren, can you tell me something about yourself?Lauren Doran

LD: My nickname is Lor and I’m 21. I have been living in Dublin for the past 3 years, but after graduating from college in November, I hope to move to Ennis in the West of Ireland for a change of scenery. It’s nice to get away from the city once in a while.

CB: When did you start thinking of art as a profession?

LD: I have always had a passion for art and anything artistic. It has always been a hobby for me whilst in college, but during my graduate exhibition I saw how many people were interested in my work; selling all six of my illustrations on the opening night. I thought “I could really make this my career!

CB:You were born and raised in Ireland. Would you say that the environment you’ve been surrounded by has influenced you and your art?

LD: The influence of the environment around me may not always be evident, but I definitely work a lot better when I am in the countryside. There are no distractions and I am much more relaxed, even tea always tastes better to me when I am in the countryside!



CB:In your latest series “From Homes of Oak and Shadow” you’ve been defining your very own way to portray animals, especially creatures of the woods such as owls, foxes and squirrels. What interested you about this theme in particular?

LD: The theme of the series portrays the animals of the forest as magical and mystical beings and each animal has his or her role. For example ‘The Dutiful Doe’ maintains the balance of life and death in the forest and acts as a reaper, ensuring that none of the species overruns the others. The Fox of Fertility gives life where the Doe takes away. I love the idea of magic and mystery, creating the captions for each animal was like reading a fairy-tale book. In order for me to work well, it needs to be fun and this theme definitely was.


CB:You have a very unique style. Have you always been sure about your aesthetics or has your technique changed over time?

LD: I remember getting a watercolour set for Christmas from my parents, when I was ten. Since then I’ve always used watercolours in all my pieces as I’m fascinated by how the colours blend with each other.  A few years ago I fell in love with Aztec and geometric print images that I saw on Tumblr and they have been the main element in my work ever since. I am also a huge fan of anime, manga and Studio Ghibli films:  they’ve always inspired and helped me get over artist’s block. When I decided to combine all my different influences, it became my style of drawing.

CB:For the future do you see yourself becoming an artist or illustrator or both?

LD: Not to give up or become discouraged, because in life not everything goes the way you planned it and giving up sometimes seem like an easy option. Art is first of all something I love to create and I want to enjoy it, if something doesn’t go right for me, I try not to beat myself up about it and carry on.Deer2



See more of Lauren’s work at:

WEBSITE: http://ldillustration.com

BLOG: http://linesotstriangles.blogspot.ie/

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ldillustrations

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