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Interview: Fashion designer Giovanni Paolini

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London College of Fashion’s Graduate school recently put on an exhibition called MA15EXHIBITION to showcase their work. The exhibition took place over five days from February the 18th to the 22nd at the Victoria House Basement.

Aspiring fashion designers, media makers and artists had their work on display. Interested in artefacts, photography, accessories and fashion, then this was the place to be. You could expect to enter a world of creativity, enlightenment and to be amazed at every turning.
I had the opportunity of interviewing one of the technology designers, Giovanni Paolini

What or who was your inspiration for these designs?

The first inspiration came from a song by the singer Melissa Auf Der Maur called ‘Followed the waves’. It helped me build up the feelings that I wanted to pass on with this collection. I made up a story, with the main character being a witch, powerful and solitary. She lives on an island, by the shore, the sea is her element.

How long did it take for you to make your designs a reality?

From the first sketches and fabrics researches, to the internal show at LCF, it took a good seven months. Obviously, time was never enough.

How did it feel to showcase your work at the MAEXHIBITION15? Knowing that people are coming to see your work?

It has been a good window for me. I wasn’t worried but instead I was curious of seeing what people thought about the collection. Giving the fact that you were able to see the garments so up close, touching the fabrics and looking at the details, I reckon people were able to give me a more trustful verdict.

Was there some type of fashion show at the MAEXHIBITION15 that let people see your work?

No, there wasn’t a catwalk show. We had a space dedicated to our course where I and three other classmates had our full collections on display.

How much work and preparation did it take to put the Exhibition together?

Not much work to be honest. Personally I had to finish some details on the graphic part (the portfolio), and a quick check of each garment to see if there was anything out of place or in need to be fixed, such as loose buttons or labels.

What else do you do other than fashion creations?

I am an illustrator as well. So I try to dedicate equal time to this. I enjoy drawing my garments but also drawing some of the other designers that I find particularly inspiring. On this occasion I worked a lot on the illustrations to put in my portfolio. I was keen to show these to the visitors as it was all part of the general meaning of the collection.

Is this the first time you have ever showcased your work?

Yes it is.

Would you sell your products or was this just for people to see what you are capable of?

Yes I would sell my products although I’d like to keep the originals for myself. I actually had a few requests about the maxi coat showed at the exhibition. If things go any further I will make a new garment to be sold.

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  1. Lara

    March 9, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    I love this style, so cool!!!

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