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Profile: Lucas Bueno

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Lucas Bueno is a twenty two year old independent fashion designer who is slowly breaking into the fashion world with his creations. He started dancing in London from the age of 11. Lucas then continued his dance studies at university in Portugal. Whilst studying he joined a small dance group. From here Lucas began his journey into fashion.

Lucas’ thick rimmed glasses revealed large dark brown eyes that widened and glowed with excitement  when he talked about his designs and fashion. I was drawn into his confidence and his charm. His body language exuded with passion as his arms flared out wildly and artistically with an elegance of a ballet dancer as he recreated flows of fabric and the movement of dresses.

At what point did you realise that you wanted to take the path into fashion?

It was in 2007 when I started to create costumes for the dance group I was dancing in. We didn’t have enough money to buy good fabrics or to hire a seamstress so I wanted to try. I bought fabrics and started designing and making their costumes. One of my friends from the dance group started encouraging me to create dresses for her so she could wear it and take some photos. I published it on my Facebook and in about a week people started messaging me for the orders of my designs. I thought this is a great opportunity to start being creative and do what I love whilst making money from it too.

So dancing has become the inspiration to your designs?

It has, yes, I use lots of the dance knowledge that we ballet dancers work on like the movement, the body, how to work the angles, how to create a soft or harsh language. Everything that I work on in dance, I try to translate in my designs through the fabric that I use, shape of the dress or the cut. When I create I try to think what the fabric is going to look like on the body, and will the fabric dance? It is not about the person wearing a certain dress. It is about the person feeling unique when she wears the dress. It’s exactly like dance. Everything harmonises one another. Dance is not a dance without movement and movement is not movement without music. They compliment one another. So with a dress it has to compliment the body similar to dance. Everything has to fall a certain way. Dresses have the dance of the fabric. The body that wears the dress is a dancer.

Could you tell us the background to your label ‘Cruz Bueno’?

I created dresses in 2007 and in 2012 I continued to design costumes for the dance group. I try to make a small collection and at first I didn’t have a name. It was only the initial of my name L.C.B I just created a logo to make sure no one would copy my work. When I started  to get more orders online for weddings, birthdays and social events like music shows. At that point I wanted to make sure my designs has a name and my language as a designer has a name.


Do you intend to go to fashion school?

Yes. At the moment everything I do is self-taught. I love to learn. I try to read or go online to watch videos to find out how to create garments and improve my knowledge. I am still studying dance and it takes up most of my time. I try to do both fashion and dance at the same time. Whenever I have free time from dance I go back to my house and create designs. After I finish my dance studies I would like to apply to study an MA fashion course at Central Saint Martins.

Does anything else inspire you in fashion?

Yea, for sure, Alexander McQueen. His creations are like art pieces. I went to the Isabella Blow exhibition and it was amazing. I stood there for hours analysing the small details. It was absolutely astounding to see how the garments and accessories worked together. Everything was unique. Everything that Alexander McQueen created is inspiring. For me he is like my teacher. I look up to his creations. Unique is the only word that describes him. There is no other word.

What vision do you have for your brand in the future?

I would love to have small boutiques in the fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, London. I try to follow the path of uniqueness. I dont want to have a massive store where there is mass production. It takes the uniqueness out of the clothes. I would like to create different designs with each of my garments so that every customer knows that the clothes that they are wearing will not similar to other designs. It gives their own personal touch to the clothing.

Currently, Lucas is working on his High Couture collection, Divine. For more updates, visit hisFacebook page.

Jasmine Perkins is Journalism student at UAL. She has held an interest in fashion from an early age, since discovering Yves Saint Laurent’s powerful images of androgynous models wearing elegant suits. She was left captivated by the way in which he tailored a suit, generally seen as a symbol of power and masculinity, onto the graceful female form without compromising the power it symbolises. She believes that fashion is an art form that has the freedom to express, encapsulate and transform its audience to a world where the barriers of society are constantly pushed.

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