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Review: The Intern

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Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is not your average intern, he’s 70 years old and has recently landed a position at one of New York City’s newest start-ups Above The Fit, a fashion e-commerce brand run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Sounds quite bizarre right?

The Intern is an unrealistic but entertaining film, something that will put a smile on your face, but may not be remembered in months to come. The high points about this film, include the overall atmosphere which manages to capture, the risky and dangerous journey of start-ups, into a sweet cheerful, almost Disney-like story. The chemistry between the cast members, is one of the reasons why this movie is engaging. Taken in as a “senior intern” Whittaker is much older than his colleagues and his lack of tech knowledge, becomes apparent when he has to turn on his Apple Mac.

Besides the difference in culture and age, Whittaker manages to charm everyone in the office, through his wisdom and ‘can-do’ attitude. Throughout the movie various themes exist, such as role reversal and sexism that help to make The Intern more dynamic and multidimensional. Whilst Above The Fit founder Jules is both socially and financially successful, she faces criticism from other mothers and difficulties in her marriage.

One of the reasons that attracted me to this movie, was one of its trailers featuring the energetic anthem ‘i’ by Kendrick Lamar, something I found very interesting, even to go as far as a saying, its feature created a funny juxtaposition. But in the context of the film I gathered that it represents the passion and happiness of the Above The Fit employees. Although The Intern is enjoyable, it does in certain parts seem to lack direction and the ability to balance absurdity and genuine humour.

Mid way through the movie when the interns find themselves in the house of Jule’s parents, to hijack her mother’s PC, I found myself asking ‘Why doesn’t Jule go there herself?’ The chemistry between Whittaker and Jules is sweet but can also feel sappy at times. Nevertheless their father and daughter like relationship is one of the main factors which holds the movie together. So if you’re looking for something fun, humorous and not too serious, The Intern is definitely worth checking out.

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