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Sessions: Ibrahim Sincere

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Youth culture has always been at the centre of London’s vibrant, creative industries, but the pop-culture spotlight usually focuses more on the privileged haut monde. Lesser known artists contributing to London’s unique character of film, music and fashion have rarely ever surfaced– if at all.

Until now. Sessions is a monthly web-series, which originally appeared on Artefact Magazine that will be profiling young creative people around London and delving into their experiences and opinions on various issues such as politics, relationships, beliefs, current affairs, self image, identity and representation.

In our first episode Sessions meets 22-year-old poet and artist Ibrahim Sincere, known for his descriptive, conceptual and creative poetry, discussing personal experiences and the inequalities and struggles within society.

Ibrahim received mainstream recognition for his Malcolm X inspired 2013 poem By Any Means Necessary which discussed privileges, colourism and the journey and perception of people of colour. Featuring on various websites such the Huffington Post, The Cut and performing at the Southbank Centre, Ibrahim has since taken a short break from poetry to focus on his studies.

Walking through the busy streets of Angel’s Islington, Ibrahim discusses his Somalian and Indian heritage, his interests in art and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

Words by Ebi Osuobeni & James Childs 

Photography by James Childs

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